Use the terrain, marshal your forces, and battle to victory!

Launching on Kickstarter August 2018

Introducing Terrainica Battleground, a 2-player strategy table-top game for sale in late 2017

Superior game design
Superior game design

From simple rules arise fascinating strategy and tactics

Stunning Artwork
Stunning Artwork

The artwork is amazing! Keep scrolling to see what we're talking about.

Unique game play
Unique game play

Terrainica Battleground is played on a grid of 12 cubes, each of which can rotate to change gameplay. There's no other game like it.

The Terrainica Cube Artwork

Move Cube

Armies on the move. The Move cube allows armies to move to adjacent cubes, and to form supply lines when next to Attack cubes.

Attack Cube

Attacking the enemy! Attack cubes enable a player to attack the enemy, or to form supply lines with Move cubes.


Do you fear an attack? Fortify cubes let you move an additional army for defense to protect a cube from enemy attack.


All cubes begin the game as Fallow cubes, but will be changed quickly as players vie for strategic advantage.


Soldiers protect the harvest. A Harvest cube increases a players armies by 1 each turn.

Quick Reference and Mystery Cube

The Mystery cube can be used for different scenarios outlined in the alternative rules section, as well as providing a quick reference for game play rules.

What is Terrainica Battleground?

A video is worth at least 10,000 words, so the best way to get a feel for Terrainica Battleground is to check out our video.

Terrainica Battleground is a 2-player strategy game. The players face each other on a playing surface made of 12 cubes in a grid. All white's armies and black's armies are the same, like in checkers. Players rotate the boxes to change the facing, which alters what the armies on those boxes can do.

The game's difficulty and length is adaptable by adjusting the number of cubes, and how they arranged to form the playing surface. Play time is anywhere from 20 minutes in a reduced complexity game, to 2 hours in a game with more cubes. The rules are relatively simple, and the game is somewhere between checkers and chess in difficulty.

An alternative gameplay section in the rules, and a deck of Events cards, allow for a rich set of ways to enjoy the game.

Terrainica Battleground Development

Nearly complete
Nearly complete

Rules, 90% of artwork, some play-testing, and a manufacturing test-run of 40 games are completed. Everything but final printing and packaging will be completed before our Kickstarter campaign in August.

A talented and accomplished team
A talented and accomplished team

2 successful entrepreneurs, rules created and written by a former Microsoft Press author, an artist with an art degree and an MBA (the valedictorian of her class), a PhD computer scientist, and a really supportive and smart wife. Those skills are embodied in 4 wonderful team members and advisors.

A solid plan
A solid plan

Manufacturing is lined up, participation in gaming meet-ups and conventions is underway, a social media strategy is being executed, and fulfillment and distribution channels are lined-up. Before we launch on Kickstarter, we'll have a large opt-in email list and an enthusiastic following to support the Kickstarter campaign and fuel early purchases after production is complete.

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